Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I'll always love being called Mom

Everyone has a nick name. Through high school I developed quite the interesting one. It had nothing to to with my actual name, but my actions. I was, and still am, called Mom. Don't worry, I'm far from having children of my own, but for now, I get to take care of my friends!

See that? I "get to". A lot of times my friends tell me I need to stop being a mom and start being a normal teenager(I'm almost a young adult-March 20th!!) But what they don't get is that being a mom is normal. Being a mom is just as normal to me as being a redhead is.

So what does this have to do with my faith? Well thanks for asking, let me tell you!

Going into college I could have sworn that I would be a Young Life leader by now. But I'm not. God sure does work in mysterious ways! It was a tough realization that I wouldn't be leading kids, taking them to camps, taking part in ridiculous skits, but I needed that realization because by doing so, I found where my ministry would be: my group of friends.

As I think I've mentioned before my group of friends back home are as different from one another as could be. I am so lucky to have a great mix of people that I get to take care of and be with whenever I am home! Now, how could I choose them to be my ministry? Another great question, let me tell you!

By definition, the word Ministry is said to be something that serves as an agency, instrument or means. That's just what my group does. It acts as an instrument for my faith. Just by being around them, taking care of them, having them know I am readily available to talk and always praying for them, my faith is growing. I see God working in all of them, whether they see it or not. Just as a mother sees there children grow, mature, in ways the kids can't see, I get to see my kids...I mean friends...grow! And that's why I love doing what I do!

Maybe one day I will have actual children to serve as my ministry!

So I ask you, what is your ministry? Everyone should have someone/something that acts as an agency for their faith, to help it grow and prosper. Something that you use to improve your outlook on God's creation.

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